Natural Leaf Carving Art
Chinese Natural Leaf Carving Art

It's hard not to love the brilliant display of colorful foliage that signals the entrance of autumn each year, but no one will remember those leaves when they fall off. They will come to the end of their life. Leaf carving art will gives the fell leaf another life and make the leaf show the amazing beauty of its veins, profile and structure in another way.

Leaf carving art is an amazing emerging art. It takes the natural leaf as the carrier and makes image reappear on the leaf blade through special craft.

Leaf carving is a kind of handicrafts carved on actual leaves by several great folk artists in China. Leaf carving is actually cutting and removal of the leaf's mesophyll to produce an artwork on a leaf without cutting or removing any veins. They are all by hand. And we can carve anything you want.

We have tried many other kinds of leaf, but they are not suitable to be made into leaf carving. The Chinar which is native to India, Pakistan and China is the luckiest tree. Its leaves have a close resemblance to maple leaves. They have beautiful, uniformly distributed and meshy veins. And they are suitable to be carved. The leaves are treated with more than 60 working procedures before they can be used to make Leaf carving artwork.

The process of carving is performed by artists using tools to talk with the leaf. Carved from an actual leaf which has been dried and cured, leaf Carvings come in various subject matter. As for contents, the various subjects are presented in accordance with the vein direction. And the veins add detail into the subject matter of the carving.










Leaf Carving art, are exceeding all expectations in popularity. "Amazing," "Beautiful," are the words first heard from our customers who purchased one of these.

The more regional, the more international it is. We believe amazing and cultural artwork should be shared by the people all over the world. And we will dedicate our efforts to this.


High-quality Handicraft of Leaf Carving Art

stable and lasting color
100% carved by hand
easy to keep
can be kept for several decades in the common conditions
perfect profile without any defect
excellent handcrafts
had attained such a high artistic level
amazing imagination and creativity


Through the special craft, the leaf forms the natural permanent pigment, so its color is stable and lasting. And it’s also corrosion-resisting and aging-resisting, and its durability even exceeds paper.

They are 100% carved by hand, no painting or printing involved. They are strong, corrosion resistance and easy to keep, and can be kept for several decades in the common conditions.

We select the leaves very carefully and every leaf we use has perfect profile without any defect. You can see the amazing beauty of its veins and structure.

The artist who made leaf carving artwork first once told me that he could meet many different surprises everyday during the acts of creation. Sometimes you can surprisingly meet a special leaf with beautiful amazing color. Because each of the leaves in the same batch always can’t form exactly same color. There even aren’t two same leaf carved with the same picture. Not to speak of the leaf’s shape. In this way, each of the leaves is the only one in the world just as the saying “ There are no two exactly same leaves in the world” says.

The leaf’s veins, structure, profile and color can decide which image can just be perfectly reappeared on it. Every special leaf will be carved with its special image carefully. The carving takes advantage of the artistic characteristic of Chinese culture like painting , prints, sculpture, paper cutting, calligraphy and so on. And it shows rich changes between the levels of weak points and strong which makes the image vivid and full of aesthetic.

Complex Craft of Making Leaf Carving Artwork

These little leaves carry excellent crafts during more than 60 processes. Leaf carving cuts and removes a leaf's mesophyll to produce an artwork on a leaf without cutting or removing any veins. Any tiny mistake will cause to the failure.

The rough processes:

Collecting the leaves.
Airing the leaves to dry.
Boiling the leaves
Spreading the leaves and carving them.
Drying the leaves.

The artists make it possible that the leaves create beautiful composition, peculiar light perception and telling sweet feelings and moving stories using all of their life and soul. The leaves give lives to the image in it, and the images make the leaves alive forever.

Charms & Peculiarity of Leaf Carving Art

The image carved in the leaf always implies some deep and unique meaning which gives a new soul to the leaf. The leaf carving art is good at expressing the deep meaning trough the performance of implicit mood just like the other Chinese traditional cultural art.

If you want to impress your strong feelings to somebody or something, the leaf carving art can definitely help you.

Thin as cicada's wings, flexible as silk.
Classic & elegant , original & simple
Beautiful and full of the sweetness of the nature
Natural: it comes from the natural leaves falling in autumn.
Unique: each of them is the only one in the world.
Amazing: you never saw it before.
Special: you can order your own leaf with any special story you want


Where the Leaf Carving Art Can Be Used

As a new form of art, framed leaf carving art have been gradually used in family, hotels, offices, Teahouse etc.

It also can be used as special gift for birthday, anniversary, marriage, Christmas, holidy, business, Valentine's Day, collection, made to be a souvenirs or used for decoration.


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